• Handle your CV by our MD/partners, not by any junior recruiters. 
  • No CV is required unless you are comfortable to share. We may need to request for some details 

            to answer your enquiries effectively.

  • Long-term partnership: we will do our best to land you an ideal job in your ideal company.                            

         When you become one of our candidates, we assess your personal wish VS our clients' expectation.

         Should either 'work-life balance' , 'money', 'location of the workplace', 'type of boss' are one of your

         concerns, we will ensure that you will not waste your time in the interview where your personal wish

         will never be fulfilled. We wish to make your dream come true as you will be spending 1/3 of your life

         at no other place but 'the office'.

         For our referring scheme, we compensate upto 100,000 baht (one hundred thousand baht) when you refer

         any candidates and such candidates are hired and pass the probation. No need to send any CV, just email us the

         name and contact number. Please note that we do support the integrity in the professional community so in any

         cases where a husband refers his wife or a father refers his son, this scheme does not apply. This should be

         arranged in the highest confidential basis with a good will, not a framed mutual benefit.

            All referring process will be kept confidential. Your time is money and we value this seriously. 

         Please email us at for more information.

  • Pro-active service: We understand how you feel when you emailed your CV and no reply.

    At Ideal Headhunter, once you email any enquiries/send CV to us at,

          our partners will be responding you within 24 hours/ 7 days a week. 

  • Moving job is like a musical chair game we play when we were still child. The longer time we

         decide whether to send your CV or call us, the other candidates must already be in the panel interview

        with our clients. There are many times when we received the better candidates than we just placed but

        nothing we could do in this alike musical chair game, the speedy candidates always win the game.




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