• A state-of-the-art extensive database of Talents.
  • Seasoned recruiters with experience in key industries e.g.  FMCG, retail, banking,  automobile, oil &

            gas,  petroleum, chemical, agriculture, softdrink, insurance, etc.

  • Weekly report e.g. our current pipelines, an interview progress, the gap between your ideal candidate and the

          actual market, an estimated filling time, etc.

  • 24 hours/ 7 days a week service for the clients. We do not rest until your ideal candidate is found.

At Ideal Headhunter, we strive for the result, not the fee. We look for a long term business partner with you.

In 2011, our quarterly turnover growth is 30% and this makes us one of the fast growing executive search companies

in Thailand. We evaluate our performance seriously by quarter, not only by an annual basis.

Please email us at or call our partner at (66) 081-444-4447.


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